Available in 10-shot capacity:

  • Remington Model 7600 – (308)
  • Remington Model 783 – (204/222/223/243/308)
  • Remington Model 700 – (204/223/243/308)
  • Ruger American – (204/223/243/308)
  • Tikka T3/T3X – (204/222/223/243/308)
  • Howa 1500 – (223/243/308)
  • 2017 Lithgow LA102 – (223/243/308)
  • Sauer 100 – (243/308)



Remington 7600 – This notice only applies to the Remington 7600 Unimag; no cartridge length limits exist for other firearm makes. Lucky Thirteen Remington 7600 Unimag Mod II magazines were designed for cartridge overall lengths of 69.5mm or longer. Lucky Thirteen recommends use of cartridges no shorter than 69.5mm overall length. Refer to the link for further information.

IMPORTANT NOTICE – Rem7600 Unimag Mod II – COL Limit

Remington 7600 – The Lucky Thirteen Remington 7600 Unimag is not designed for, or intended for use in the 7400 series of semi-automatic rifles.

Howa 1500 and Remington 700 – The Lucky Thirteen Howa 1500 Unimag and Remington 700 Unimag is to be used in conjunction with the Lucky Thirteen detachable magazine conversion bottom metal.

Product Description

Lucky Thirteen is proud to announce the release of the new Mod II line of UNIMAG™ magazines. The new Mod II lineup maintains the full billet aluminium upper construction synonymous with the Unimag brand but now incorporates a more compact, high quality glass reinforced polymer lower.

As has become standard across the UNIMAG™ line, all magazine uppers are painstakingly carved from solid aluminium billets on state of the art 5-axis CNC machines to provide the most consistent, optimized feed ramps and geometry possible. Pairing this with the new generation of ultra compact polymer lowers, the Mod II series of UNIMAG™ now fit all standard Magpul/Voodoo AI style magazine pouches.

UNIMAG™ comes standard in all models with an anti-tilt, high visibility follower and quality internal components that are all still proudly designed and made in Australia.

More compact than its predecessors, the Mod II UNIMAG™ is able to be easily disassembled for cleaning or inspection and is the only durable and reliable choice when it comes to increased capacity.

100% designed and manufactured in Australia.



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