Straight-Fit Rim Fire Range

Available in 15 shot and 25 shot for:

Ruger American
– 22LR
– 22 Magnum


COMPATIBILITY – The LT series rim fire magazines were designed specifically for use only in Ruger American BOLT ACTION rifles. This system was developed NOT TO FUNCTION IN SEMI AUTOMATIC platforms.

AMMUNITION – This system was designed for used with CCI dimension rim-fire ammunition. Due to the high capacity nature of these magazines, ammunition with case rim diameter greater than 6.95mm will result in significant stack-up height difference and cause feeding issues in some rifles. For maximum reliability and optimum feed, use CCI dimension ammunition casings.

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Product Description

Designed specifically for the Ruger American range, the Lucky Thirteen LT series of billet magazines takes all of the high quality features of its centrefire cousin, the UNIMAG™, and applies it to this ever-popular rifle across the rimfire calibres.

Available in 25 and 15 round capacities (LT25 & LT15) in both the Long Rifle and Magnum calibres, the LT series maintains a complete billet aluminium construction and all high quality internal components. All variants come standard with an anti-tilt, high visibility follower and fully CNC machined feed ramps to optimize feed and reliability.

Through extensive development and testing, the LT series of magazines are recommended for use with CCI or Federal styles of rimfire ammunitions.

In line with the entire current Lucky Thirteen magazine range, the LT is able to be easily disassembled for cleaning or inspection and is the only durable and reliable choice when it comes to increased capacity.

100% designed and manufactured in Australia.