The Lucky Thirteen PMAG conversion is an Armoury Direct update to your existing Howa Mini Action rifle. We take your standard Hogue stock Howa Mini Action, CNC inlet the stock and action, hand fit and install our solid billet conversion and convert your existing rifle to accommodate the battle proven Magpul PMAG line of AR/M4 magazines.

Getting rid of the factory plastic front latching floorplate and magazine, we replace them with rock solid full billet aluminium construction items. The generous side mounted button magazine release is fully within reach of the trigger finger without adjusting shooting position. The release mechanism is completely internal to the stock for maximum protection in adverse, dusty, Australian conditions.

Our conversion package includes all inletting and conversion to your trusted rifle with one modified ten round Magpul PMAG magazine. Additional magazines are able to be adapted (feed lips CNC chamfered) to suit the conversion for $10 per magazine or supplied whole ready to run by Lucky Thirteen for $45 per magazine. Any number or combination of magazines is available to suit your requirements.

Lucky Thirteen Armoury – forging a path with innovative shooting solutions where there previously were none.

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