The Blackjack is the lightest slide we do. It has a topside vent to increase barrel cooling and remove maximum reciprocating weight for the fastest and flattest tracking slide configuration. Aggressive front and rear cocking serrations along with diamond-cut rails are standard.


Without any window cuts the Hustler has ample real estate for additional staggered serrations along the topside of the slide. The Hustler was designed for maximum grip and reliability in a competition environment. Aggressive front and rear cocking serrations along with diamond-cut rails remain standard.


Trijicon RMR

Leupold Delta Point Pro

Vortex Viper

Each slide is available with the shooter’s choice of three optics configurations. Rear optics cuts come as standard and are available for Trijicon RMR, Leupold Delta Point Pro and Vortex Venom optics.

When selecting the optics cut, Trijicon RMR is the default standard without alternate preference as the standard fixed rear sight dovetail is able to be retained. NOTE: Both Leupold DPP and Vortex Viper cuts require the machining of the original rear sight area.


Our Pro Blade billet trigger is a semi flat face design which has been optimised for maximum feel through the trigger break and reset cycle. Precision machined to exacting tolerances, we have gone to significant lengths to take out any free play or uptake in order to optimise this striker fired system for the discerning shooter.

We CNC flute, skeletonise, contour and then hand polish our striker to maintain strength while removing optimum weight to avoid light strike on factory ammunition with a crisp and light trigger break.


The factory magazine release is removed and replaced with our billet aluminium extended and profiled competition release to ensure positive magazine dumps every time.

Each of our slide options comes with matching (Blackjack or Hustler) optics cover and slide backing plates as standard. Slide serrations and patterning continues back across the optics cover for a seamless, flowing feel and look.


Our competition billet magwells have a generous inlet flare without adding excess external bulk or mass to the lower grip area. Unlike many existing designs, our magwells come colour matched as standard in Sniper Grey Cerakote and are compatible with both standard Glock magazines as well as the aftermarket Magpul items. We have incorporated finger reliefs in the sides of each magwell to ensure positive contact with the magazine base plate and have also rolled the rear contour to avoid snagging on clothing when using from a holster in a competition environment.

Each build also comes with two matched magazine base plates fitted to both the primary and spare magazine at the time of build. The base plates are available in both OEM Glock and Magpul format and are an Australian competition specific ‘plus zero’ capacity. Our base plates were designed in conjunction with our magwells for optimum grip, ergonomics and shot to shot time reduction when pulling from a pouch or vest in competition. Every unit comes proudly emblazoned with the silhouette of our great country’s flag on the underside – so there can be no doubt who you are competing for every time you hit the range.


We strip each gun down to a bare frame and precision double undercut the polymer frame in our five axis CNC to raise the grip position for the primary and support hands.


We replace the factory recoil assembly with our one-piece stainless steel guide rod and captive, flat, tuned recoil spring. Matching polished stainless adaptor bushing is also fitted for Gen4 platforms and each pistol is fitted with our polished trigger safety plunger and complete set of match springs. Our tuned internals have been painstakingly optimised for flawless reliability with the lightest and cleanest trigger break possible across the widest array of factory ammunitions.


For ultimate competition we offer our proprietary lightweight quick-detach frame mounted compensator for the 17A platform.

Our compensator does not rely on threaded barrels or custom guide rod bushings for fitment and is completely tool-less removable. The unit is able to be removed at the range in seconds to shoot conventionally and does not alter any other functional aspect of the firearm. Differing from the alternatives, our compensator does not attach to the barrel or slide and therefore does not affect the hinged or reciprocating weights of the firearm. The system is unique in that it does not alter the spring system requirements of the firearm when fitted or removed.

Each of our match barrels are crowned specifically to length in-house to be competition legal throughout Australia and mate as closely as possible to the compensator primary chamber for optimised gas flow.

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