Lucky Thirteen Precision is a proud Australian design and manufacturing company. Our mission is to provide the highest quality products and best customer service, delivering real value for money. Our product range was born out of gaps in the current market where real needs were not being addressed. It is our goal to deliver innovative solutions that build on and improve the user experience rather than iterate on existing designs. We strive to create lifelong relationships with our customers who believe in our ideas and the quality of our products.

Reliability and accuracy are the cornerstones to the design of our products. We are pleased to bring you:

  • The Lucky Thirteen® magazine range including the UniMag® series for centrefire rifles and the LT series for rim-fire.
  • The Wildcard Chassis System – unmatched in terms of system weight, unparalleled by way of accuracy and completely modular by design.
  • A variety of crossover products including pistol grips, scope mounts, unique fore-grips and magazine releases.

Our products cover a range of popular brands including Tikka, Remington, Ruger and Adler; continually expanding to enhance the shooting experience.

Just Launched!

Lucky Thirteen has just released the following exciting products!

The Howa 1500 Detachable Magazine Conversion

Lucky thirteen is proud to announce the new Unimag Howa 1500 detachable magazine conversion.

This system is one of the very few available worldwide to fit this venerable rifle and genuinely be able to be installed without any form of stock in-letting.

As has become synonymous with the Lucky Thirteen range of products, both the Howa 1500 bottom metal and ten round Unimag are crafted from solid billets of high grade aluminium to result in an unparalleled degree of quality and reliability.

The fully ambidextrous paddle style rear latch ensures ease of release by the shooter without having to reposition the shooting hand. Careful consideration was given to the latching mechanism to ensure a completely snag free design while eliminating the possibility of accidental magazine dumps experienced with front latching systems.

Designed specifically for use with pillar bedded stocks and extensively tested in platforms including Howa solid timber, Hogue polymer and Boyd laminated stocks, the system is designed to be as versatile as it is functional.

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Lithgow LA102 Unimag 10-shot Magazine

Lucky Thirteen is proud to announce the release of the new Mod II Unimag ten round magazine specifically designed to suit the 223 chambered 2017 Lithgow LA102 rifle.

The Lithgow LA102 has always been unique, not only due to the fact that the rifle itself is proudly Australian made, but also for its short action stroke and rugged three lug bolt design.

A long time in the making; the LA102 223 Unimag was designed specifically to compliment this great Australian rifle not only with an increased magazine capacity, but also specifically developed feed geometries and cartridge positioning relative to the chamber.

The Lithgow 223 ten round magazine comes standard with all of the quality features that have become synonymous with the Unimag brand, and is our proud offering to compliment this venerable platform with another completely Australian designed, made and owned product.

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